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Phillippians 4

Handmade with calligraphy and watercolor.

Printed with quality on linen card stock.

Available in 8x10.




leather, metal zipper, cotton

This particular clutch is one of my favorites, inspired by the book Peter's chair by Era Jack Keats. It is hand-made with sustainable, pre-washed cotton in a maroon and white, as well as soft, authentic leather that smells so yummy. 

Measures 7x11 when folded
Made with cotton, deerskin, and a metal zipper


indoor watercolor plants

Indoor plants are like pets to me. Combine that with my sheer enjoyment of observation and watercolor, and you have some frame-able art.

8x10; frame not included


Maroon Ombre Clutch


linen, leather, muslin, metal zipper

This clutch was handmade and hand painted with linen. Includes a leather wrist strap, cotton lining and metal zipper.