Processing Spiritual Seasons


It all started when…

I was sitting in a group of people at ministry school when a woman pointed to me and said “you”. She had come to speak to our group and spent some time sharing what she felt she was hearing from God for specific individuals. Of the many things she spoke to me, she felt God told her that I would write a devotional. Months later, I decided it was time to start writing it.

Devoted is a devotional book written to provide some tools for processing spiritual seasons- periods of time where consistent themes seem to come up throughout everyday life. I believe these seasons can often be a sign that God wants to teach us something. When we spend time reflecting, or learning more about who we are, it helps us grow closer to God and who God made us to be.

The chapters are split into sections with the intention of helping you process the season you are in with God. There are questions to ponder, action steps to take, declarations to speak over yourself, and Bible verses to keep you rooted in truth. The goal is that you would be able to increase in self-awareness, in hearing from God, in relating your life to the Word, and in developing intimacy with Him.

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Devoted also features cut-outs for scripture and art to keep you inspired and reminded of truth.