Visit to Charleston


It’s been 8(ish) years since I’ve returned to one of my favorite cities on the east coast. Charleston is so easy to visit and never disappoints. The downtown area is filled with life, including places to eat, drink, and shop. King Street is lined with shops like Madewell, Anthropologie, Marine Layer and Urban Outfitters.

One of my favorite captures of the city is to take in the rich history of the well-maintained architecture. Many structures were built in the late 1800’s. I enjoy processing the experience that some of the crooked doorways and unpaved roads have endured.

As Art Deco swings back into style, the branding and environmental design of many of the retail spaces is like a preserved and updated time warp.

We brought a small dog with us for our day trip so we had to find a pet friendly restaurant.


La Farfalle sat just off of busy King street, tucked away behind a wall of vines. The outdoor area was quiet, shaded and accompanied by a large tree with trying lights. Inside was a mix of masculine and feminine touches, with old world glam and new modern lines. As a trio, we ordered the spaghetti (sausage and pesto) and the linguine (tomato garlic sauce). The dishes were flavorful, and handcrafted. It was just enough to spit between the three of us for perfect sized portions.

Next we hopped over to Market Street to experience local handmade goods and found Peace Pie nearby. This small ice cream shop features handmade ice cream sandwiches, each complimented with pie fillings. I tried the key lime and it was delicious.

We finished the day by walking out on the pier by Waterfront park. We were a bit too tired from all the walking to continue on to see rainbow row (a well known site for touring Charleston where a row of houses sit with all different colors).

It was a well balanced (and tiring) day trip to a fun and easy to see city. Until next time Charleston.