Ideas for Updating a Rental Apartment Dining Room


I really wanted to create a comfortable dining room space to gather community together. Comfy chairs, simple decor, and easy access to grab something someone might need was my goal. Originally, I had a fold out table and cheap IKEA chairs to fill the space while I saved up for furniture.

Table and Chairs

In my plans for a dining room space, I never expected to get stylish, free furniture !! My table came from the basement of a law firm, and the chairs came from a friend. The table actually looks a lot like the one I had my eye on from West Elm.

I spent time sanding the table down, and had a really hard time choosing a color to stain it. I wanted to keep the table light but to do so is extremely difficult (and takes wood bleach and LOTS more sanding than I had time for). I ended up staining it out of necessity because I had some tiny guests coming to stay with me and needed the table to be protected. I really like the way it turned out.

JPEG image-9F9E37FEAE8F-1.jpeg

Simple Additions

When I first moved in, I asked the landlord if I could change the light fixture. I am so glad I asked! I feel like this light fixture really completes the space. Changing the fixture was actually incredibly easy to do. I found it at Bargains and Buyouts in Cincinnati for really cheap!!

I have had this vintage mirror from my dad for years and have envisioned it to sit above a credenza. I placed it on the wall where I can eventually add a credenza underneath. and my palm has made it across the country. It loves this room!

Though I never planned to put my armoire in this room, I feel it is a great fit for storing bar items and serve ware. It is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture I own.

Table Additions

I recently added a few decor items to the table. I found this speckled, ivory vase at IKEA and filled it with natural, dried grasses from Hobby Lobby.

I added woven placemats from Target to keep with the light, natural theme.