Interior Trends // Black & White


Sometimes I play this game where I find a house for sale that needs some updates and I plan out what I would do to update it. For a future home-owner with an avid passion for beauty, I love to use my imagination. This game can be very enticing for a visionary like me.

Recently, I found a house on Zillow that was perfect for this re-design. I use Pinterest a lot to research ideas and find trends. It led me to drool over the white-walls-black-windows color combo. Here is what I found in my research and discovery process.


(left---right: Chicago Magazine, Dixon/Kirby Homes, ME- Seaside, Fl)

The farm house metal roof is making a come back, but with a high contrast dark color. I love the bright white shiplap (also a come back), the black pane windows and the dark, breezy porch. Also, check out the stunning lines on the roof of the Dixon Kirby Homes house!


Continuing to the inside of a house, this minimal combination also looks gorgeous. These colors create spaces of invitation and intrigue while maintaining simplicity.

They provide just the right amount of contrast. Such a perfect pair that lays beautifully on exteriors and interiors.

I very much look forward to the day where my vision and my hands get to work together to create beauty on the walls and floors of a home. Until then, I very much enjoy my game.

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