The Grand Canyon


I decided to stay in Flagstaff, Arizona for the second exploration stop on my journey home. I would consider Flagstaff to be a mountain town. This is not at all close to my expectations for Arizona. I expected desert or incredulous heat. The weather was perfect, the air was crisp and the scenery was beautiful.

I booked an Airbnb which happened to be a cool renovated shack. It was a great "glamp" spot other than the use of an outhouse - though it was very well kept, I would not consider this particular portion to be glamorous camping unless compared to the use of the woods. It was a really cool spot nonetheless!

In the morning I decided to try out a local coffee shop before heading an hour out of Flagstaff to see the Grand Canyon.

The drive out to the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff felt familiar. The road was coated with tall pine trees and paths. It reminded me of many scenes in Northern California. The trees gave-way to large fields skirted with mountains. Small houses speckled the dirt roads and there was not a grocery store or gas station in sight- I always wonder how people who live in these types of places take care of themselves or what their lifestyle is like in general. It must be really cool. I hope some day to have this conversation with someone native to a place like this (I passed many in Nevada and other parts of the country along my drive).

The area surrounding this immaculate, ornate abyss was a whole lot of normal. Even driving into the National Park caused me to feel intrigued as it looked so ordinary. I had envisioned a lot of land surrounding this canyon, open land with weird walkable paths on the outside. This looked incredibly ordinary, and in fact it stayed that way until I got out of my car and walked towards the rim through paths in the woods.


It was a sight to see indeed. There are many ways off of the very easy and paved path to explore a bit, close to the edges of the canyon. The air was hot and dry but breezy. There are many people on the paths and outlets of the canyon so my photo taking experience was interesting *and sometimes supplemented with helpful strangers.

JPEG image-F31AB76AC7D4-1.jpeg

Nearing the end of my sight seeing I began to speak with some other visitors about Sedona. I had been tempted to stay there when researching for my road trip. The man said "it is the most beautiful city in America." So naturally I left right away and put it into my GPS.

Overall a short trip to the Grand Canyon. I do not feel I missed out on much as I believe any type of planned activities take months to plan out and when you stand on the edges of the canyon you can see it all. It is a wondrous creation to experience.