Apartment Upgrades // Kitchen


I crave beauty. I believe beauty is essential to our mental and emotional well-being.

Because of this, I tend to visualize beauty where it may not exist or where it can be heightened. Every time I move to a new place, I get the chance to create beauty all around me.

Meet my apartment kitchen.


My draw to this apartment was the hardwood floors, an office space and this kitchen window. I love kitchens and spend a lot of time in them, so the kitchen is often a deal breaker for me. When I saw this kitchen, I knew it was something I could work with.

I hopped onto Pinterest! What I found in terms of apartment "before and after" posts was that they often required painting cabinets or renovating in a way that seemed too impractical.

Here was my plan :


It dawned on me that one very easy way to upgrade a kitchen is to replace the sink faucet. Many older apartments have really crappy hardware. Not only could I replace it in this apartment, but I could take it with me when I choose to move. I found an easy How-to here. (Cool side note, my landlord replaced mine because it was leaking and I asked for a more modern one. I was so surprised and grateful for this gift)

My next move was to open up the space with open shelving. This is a recent trend that I love. I found some Pinterest pins that helped me design the layout a bit and choose how to group objects - especially because I couldn't afford to buy new white dinnerware and am using my handmade, colored pieces. I removed the doors easily, because they are just screwed on, and put the screws in a baggie taped to one of the doors. I stored them in a safe place in my coat closet.

+ Pins here, and here

I imagine these shelves will have a life of their own and evolve over time when I am able to invest in beautiful things-and I already have plenty of them anyway.

Side Note: I also tried to using some contact paper with Dalmatian spots as a backing on the cabinets, but I quickly learned that my cabinets weren't completely made of wood. Oops. I still love the outcome, with the bare "wood" look.

Kitchen from a-far

Embellishments: I added some marble, wood, and amber details. I found amber ball jars at Target, and a simple marble utensil holder. I also enjoyed adding some background textures like cutting boards and a large wooden tray. I put one of my favorite cutting boards on the counter top to add texture, and added a red runner that I just adore β€”it fits perfectly in this space!!



I am excited to continue to modify and shape this space, but I love where it is currently. I am hoping to add a bar top to the little nook (not featured).

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- Inspiration from Ash